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About Us

Elsie de Wolfe, the pioneer, female designer with a classic eye and conviction for creativity before being an "interior designer" was ever a true career, said:
"I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." 


Fast forward a few hundred years, and it's easy to see that quote come to life from Nancy Charbonneau and her team. Of course in her visions and designs for her clients' homes, but even in places beyond them - the teams' work space, her own home, even her daughter's college dorm room.

From her talent and passion for making everything around her beautiful bred Charbonneau Studio: this online shop, filled with the pieces that Nancy and her team loves to use in their projects and their own homes, designed to make beautiful, quality decor accessible (and fun) for everyone, no matter where they may be.

So, whether you consider yourself a Candle Collector, a Design DIY-er, a Go-Gifter, or just someone who appreciates beautiful decor that doesn't sacrifice on quality, Charbonneau Studio is your place to find the pieces that connect who you are to how you live ... online.